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Skin Supplements for Dogs

Seborrheic, commonly referred to as Dandruff, is an inflammatory skin disorder. Just like humans, dogs can have this condition too. And there are a number of possible causes for this.

First of all, dandruff can be caused by certain weather conditions, as weather affects the amount of moisture that a dog’s skin holds. When weather conditions are particularly dry, the shedding of the skin becoming flaky will result in dog dandruff. You can see this especially during winter months when moisture levels are low, and dog’s skin conditions easily deteriorate.

Sudden changes in climate also have an effect on a dog’s coat. For example, when dogs are kept indoors during the winter their coat will adapt to the warmth, as such the body will not have a need for thick fur and as a result will shed excess hair and skin. Therefore, regular grooming is essential. The shedding of hair and skin must be controlled and brushing and shampooing does help with this!

Another possible cause of dog dandruff can be the dog’s diet, as a poor diet can easily affect the quality of a dog’s skin. Essential nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help to keep the skin and coat moist. A lack of these nutrients can affect growth as well as cause dandruff and infestations such as mite infections.

Why the prevention of dog moulting is especially important, is because dog moulting causes irritation to the skin which in turn causes your dog to start scratching. Consistent scratching is not only terribly uncomfortable for your pooch, but also results in rashes and skin tears.

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